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Optimizing the payment process to increase the revenue stream

The impact of customer wait times is inevitably dependent on context. A 20-minute wait time at the doctor’s office will hardly register. A long wait time at your sales counter will directly impact your revenues. The best known constraints causing this limitation is a lack of staff optimization and the lack of a flexible and fast payment system.

Solve it now, by altering the customer’s perception of your services with cashless payments powered by our Secura PAY- solution. Our Secura Pay cashless system offers a contact-less smartcard, called Secura-Coin, powered by NFC and enabling a payment for services which is fast, reliable and smart.

You can top-up the Secura-Coin smartcard in many different ways. On location during the event using cash, bank- or credit card. When using our App or our online services, you can do a top-up anytime and anywhere with PayTM, PayPal or any other local service provided by a bank or financial institute like iDeal in the Netherlands.

During a festival, event or sporting match you can either get your Secura-Coin smartcard at the tickets office or cash box and if feasible also via the onside promoters. At the spot visitors can top-up their Secura-Coin smartcard.

When issuing the Secura-Coin smartcard to the visitor, a small (refundable) deposit can be requested. The visitor now can directly do a top-up and pay for food, drinks and merchandise at the counters with his Secura-Coin card.

No pin codes are required. Order the products they want, put the Secura-Coin card to the card reader and the order will be settled immediately.

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