Secura-Tech delivers high standard technological security solutions. We are a Dutch headquarter company committed to apply smart technological solutions in the Education, Traffic, Health and Leisure markets. We are specialized in optimizing your business processes by end-to-end measuring, reporting and automation.

Secura People

Security for kids

Our children are the most precious to us. They are also the most vulnerable group of people within our society. Secura People Edu delivers end-to-end solutions to monitor, and report child security. Either in the school-bus to and from school or within the school’s premises. Secura solutions both in real time as on demand inform your staff, the parents and caretakers of the whereabouts of the children. We monitor and report their safe arrival at school and at home, and when they are in possible stressed situations that requires help. Maintaining high standards of security expected at a school can be challenging with the number of people visiting the premises throughout the day. Keeping track of each individual can put the security strategy to test.

Secura Pay

Cashless Payments

The impact of customer wait times is inevitably dependent on context. A 20-minute wait time at the doctor’s office will hardly register. A long wait time at your counter will send many people off the rails. The best known constraints causing this limitation is a lack of staff optimization and the lack of a flexible and fast payment system.
Solve it now, by altering the customer’s perception of your services with cashless payments powered by our Secura PAY- system
Our Secura Pay cashless system offers you the solution to counter these kind of situations. We do this by delivering a contact-less smartcard, called Tapcoin, and if required also deliver support for the technical as well as the financial operation.

Secura Space

Cold-chain monitoring

We enable you to track the temperature for the complete, end-to-end duration of the life curve of your logistical flows. The application is pretty straightforward. A unique and flat design enables the card-logger to be attached to almost every conceivable product or any form of packaging. The Secura Space solution card is triggered by NFC technology. The card is flat and self-adhesive, making it fast and handy in your supply chain. All data logged by the card is stored, administrated, analyzed and interpreted in the cloud-digital-storage, allowing all involved parties to access it by smartphone or pc. If it concerns large quantities of data you can manage it from multiple remote terminals using the cloud-service.