Shrinking waiting lines at the counters at big events

will defintely increase your revenue stream

Secura Pay at Events:

Smooth Operation of Payments

The quality of a smooth operation of cashless payments is creating the ultimate fan experience. In other words, “get to know your fans” and ultimately “make your fans friends”. Research shows that a customer’s perception of how long they waited has a much stronger influence on customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) than actual wait times. A fast and flexible payment checkout is a winner.

Personal Customer Services

As we retain every transaction and to a certain extend “know” every card owner, we are able to put this data to good marketing use. Considering of course the boundaries of your local legislation and the fans privacy.



Smooth cashless payments with our Tapcoin card.

As we retain every transaction and to a certain extend “know” every card owner, we are able to put this data to good marketing use. Considering of course the boundaries of your local legislation and the fans privacy. Our Tapcoin cashless payment-card enable the fans to make fast and easy instant payments which makes ordering easy and decrease long waiting lines.

How does the Tapcoin Smartcard work and where do we get it?

You can top-up the Tapcoin smartcard in many different ways. On location during the event using cash, bank- or credit card. When using our App or our online services, you can do a top-up anytime and anywhere with PayTM, Paypal or any other local service provided by a bank or financial institute like iDeal in the Netherlands.

During a festival, event or sporting match you can either get your Tapcoin smartcard at the tickets office or cash box and if feasible also via the onside promoters. At the spot visitors can top-up their Tapcoin smartcard.

When issuing the Tapcoin smartcard to the visitor, a small (refundable) deposit can be requested. The visitor now can directly do a top-up and pay for food, drinks and merchandise at the counters with his Tapcoin card.

No pin codes are required. Order the products they want, put the Tapcoin card to the card reader and the order will be settled immediately.If the event utilize promoters during the event, the promoters will provide the necessary information concerning the Tapcoin card and any other service you require.

Decrease waiting lines, increase revenue.

Imagine this, a hockey or soccer match attacking over 50,000 enthusiastic people in the stadium. The impact of customer wait times is inevitably dependent on context. A 20-minute wait time at the doctor’s office will hardly register. A long wait time at your counter will send many people off the rails. The best known constraints causing this limitation is a lack of staff optimization and the lack of a flexible and fast payment system.

The use of contact-less payment systems like credit cards and debit cards, or other special client based devices and services requires a PIN code and online approval, consumes too much time and no longer serve your business.

Solve it now, by altering the customer’s perception of your services with cashless payments powered by our Secura PAY-system

Our Secura Pay-system offers you the solution to counter these kind of situations. We do this by delivering a contactless smartcard, called Tapcoin, and if required also deliver support for the technical as well as the financial operation. Thanks to our contact-less smartcard, fans no longer have the hassle of paying with coins, cash or bankcards anymore. Even better, their wallet remains safely in the fans pocket.

We also help clubs and festivals organizers to create their own, unique design for the Tapcoin smartcard which also makes it a valuable collectible.

Cashless with bank- and credit cards.

It is totally feasible to operate a cashless system by accepting only bank- or credit card payments. This saves money in a sense that you don’t have to buy or rent our Tapcoin cards.

The drawback however is that the requirement for a 100% operating online system is indispensable, since all transactions need an online connection to be processed. If the system is based on offline payments, hence sales of food and drinks are impossible.