Let's keep them safe and healthy.

Giving peace of mind to parents, as well as to your staff
Secura People Edu:
Monitoring transportation
This system stores all operations done in a day and helps the student and management of transport security services and school. We also manage to detect whether a bus or car is standing still, driving or even collapsed due to an accident.
Monitoring on-site school
Maintaining high standards of security expected at a school can be challenging with the number of people visiting the premises throughout the day. Between hundreds to thousands of people can be on-site at once and keeping track of each individual can put the security strategy to test.

Please also read Monitoring Transport Safety

In keeping the school and students safe, the main security system should offer a tide interaction between all elements of the total Secura People Edu Platform.

 The Platform exist of:

  • School Monitoring Tool
  • Student Absent/Present Management
  • Teachers message management
  • Security Monitoring, bio-metrics, ID
  • Notification about Students Arrival & Departure in school
  • Real Time SOS Signalling
  • Safety Location Tracking
  • Locus Motion and Tracking
  • Relative Contact and Relative Call
  • SMS Notification
  • School Interactive Admin
  • School Transport Whereabouts Board


Having an efficient CCTV monitoring system in place is a popular form already with schools. If you would add our bio-metric recognition you could monitor individuals as they move around the site and record activities. And of course it is useful to create a present and absent list and foremost detect whether students are facing threat or are in danger.


In the schoolyard this system could also prevent unwanted persons to hang around, as we create silent alert and SOS-systems to do so. Just by displaying that the school has implemented CCTV and bio-metric recognition can already act as a powerful form of security as it reassures students, parents, teachers and on-site visitors and can put off anyone with the mindset to carry out a crime.